Square House Kennels and Cattery

A family run business - based in Penkridge, Staffordshire, Established in 1997.

Quality heated kennels for dogs (individual and family units).

In 2018 we installed a brand new Cattery, with individual and family units, which is located in a quiet, sheltered part of the site.

Rug washing service - canine bedding, rugs & soft beds but is also suitable for horse blankets, stable rugs and quilts, doormats, towels, workwear …

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Rug Washing Service

​We are delighted to bring a rug washing service to Square House Kennels, which not only takes care of canine bedding, rugs and soft beds but is also suitable for horse blankets, stable rugs and quilts, doormats, towels, workwear …. In fact, anything big and bulky that you wouldn’t want to put into your domestic washing machine at home.

Using the Otex disinfection system, all items are washed at an economical 30 to 40 degrees, whilst killing 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. The same laundry system is in use within the NHS, vets and care homes.

We’re offering a fast, reliable and efficient service for all of your laundry needs and will also undertake repairs.  If we feel that a repair is uneconomical, we will advise you.


  • Collection & delivery available, or drop-off and collection
  • Available 7 days a week, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Boots, bandages, hoods, head collars, fly masks etc quoted separately, based on quantity and size
  • We are the first kennel/equine rug wash to utilise the Otex system
  • Quantity discounts & loyalty scheme available – please ask for details
  • Fast turnaround
Rug Washing Service

Price List – as of September 2020

Stable/Turnout Rug Washup to 5'6"10.004.50
5'9" Plus11.005.50
Neck Wash3.00
Summer Sheet/Fleece/Travel7.00
Fly Rugs7.00
Travel Boots (Set)8.00
Fly Masks1.00
Dog/Cat Blankets/Fleece2.00
Large Blankets/Quilts10.00
Washable Dog Beds - Small4.00
Washable Dog Beds - Medium
Washable Dog Beds - Large8.00
Washable Dog Beds - Xlarge10.00
Washable Cat Baskets4.00
Load Service Wash & Dry - Workwear/Towels (up to 18kg)
(Sheets/Household Washable Mats & Rugs)
Rug washing service
Rug washing service
Rug washing service


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Dog Kennels and Cattery covering Staffordshire including Stafford, Stone, Cannock, Penkridge, Lichfield and Rugeley.


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E: info@squarehousekennels.co.uk
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